Granny Smith’s Plan of Self Care

I feel best when I have structure in my days and when I have plenty of fresh air.  Here is my daily plan for Monday through Friday.

1. Wake up at 6:00 a.m. – Central Standard Time

2. Turn on the slow computer. Brush teeth, wash face, put on street clothes.

3. 6:15 -Make breakfast and coffee (yum)

4. Finish breakfast and coffee – Complete a chapter of Search for Significance devotional with Bible for about 30 minutes.

5. Do the Crossfit work out of the day or go for a long walk

6. Launder clothes on Tue, Wed, or Thur morning at 7 in place of working out.

7. Check Email/Pay bills

8. Check job alerts – Apply to job

9. Check Email – Follow up with contact people of places I applied to.

10. Lunchtime/ Go out for a walk by the lake or river area (I like water and fresh air)/ Personal spa treatment (I will brag – I can create a beautiful french pedicure on my toenails!)

11. Finish applying to job/jobs

12. Write three previous problems I solved at a previous job (doesn’t matter which one) or complete one whole exercise from What Color is Your Parachute, by Richard Nelson Bolles

13. Check email before 5 o clock whistle blows – including handling correspondence related to extracurricular activity

14. Go out with friends or go for a nice long walk to my favorite park.  Take the car to a neighborhood I like and go grab some ice cream, a drink, etc.  Enjoy a glass of wine somewhere in the mix.

15. Go to bed at around 10. 

Yes, I am very very structured.  I am a descendant of a family that is very detail oriented, driven, meticulous and uncharacteristically easygoing and hilarious. My father and his father are very structured.  My mother and her family – well, let’s say that we changed a restaurant reservation 3 times over the phone and ended up not going that night.   When I do not have a predetermined structure or routine, my day is not a very happy day and it contributes to my depression – especially in this season. 

I think that the clue I have gotten from the Good Lord – is it is best for me to schedule in times to leave the house – and to LEAVE the house.


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