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Who’s to blame?

A couple of days ago, I saw a news clip about Michelle Rhee, the new Washington D.C. schools chancellor.

The news clip talked about how Ms. Rhee is going to terminate a lot of administrators and teachers due to subpar performance on behalf of the students. They showed a video clip of an “on-task” classroom and a video clip of a classroom where the kids were shouting and moving around. Ms. Rhee said that there is no such thing as a bad student.  In fact, the TEACHER is the reason why students engage in off task behavior.

There are a lot of reasons why classroom chaos exists. I believe that Mayor Fenty and Ms. Rhee have good intentions in mind, but terminating administrators and teachers only solves part of the problem. In my humble opinion, there are teachers who do not practice effective instructional delivery or behavior management because they do not have professional support from more seasoned teachers and/or administrators.  Then, there are educators who have no business being in the classroom because they lack professionalism, verbally abuse students, and come into the classroom without any semblance of a lesson plan for the day.

I hope that the Mayor and Ms. Rhee exercise a lot of discernment when they outline their firing and hiring criteria.


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